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PICKUP, RETURN and STORAGE of all Equipment and Vehicles is at 38 Queen St, Harrisville QLD 4307, 20min from Yamanto (Ipswich) off Cunningham Hwy.

DINGO Mini Digger K93

Dingo Bucket-4-in-11_id44 K93_Dingo1 k93a4in1

DINGO 4in1 Bucket

The 4 in 1 bucket has the ability to bite, level, blade and bucket.

DINGO Trencher

Our trencher cuts 140mm wide, & digs to 1000mm deep, Offset 500mm. 


DINGO Overview Video

DINGO 4in1 Bucket Video

DINGO 4in1 Bucket Operation Video

DINGO Trencher Video

trencher Image1

DINGO Post Hole Digger

The Dingo's ability in Post Hole Digging is truly astounding.

K9-3_AWD_auger1_id47 PHD1_id49

DINGO Post Hole Digger Video


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Payments with Cash,

PayPal or Credit Card.

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Hydraulics: 2 pumps

Pump Sizes: Petrol = 9 & 3cc

Pro Series = 11 & 3cc

Hydraulic Pressure: 206 Bar (3000psi)

Hydraulic Pump Output: 43 l/min

Max Travel Speed: 7.4 Km/hr

Wheel Motors: 2x29 cu in

Rate Lift Capacity: SWL: 250kg

                                  MWL: 500kg


Engine - Kohler Petrol 

Power: 16.9 kW (23hp)


Dimensional Specifications 

A. Overall Width: 1050mm

B. Overall Length: 1565mm

C. Overall Height: 1200mm

D. Max Height with 4 in 1 Bucket: 2080mm

E. Turning Radius with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1300mm

F. Angle of Departure: 20 º

G. Wheel Base:710 - 800 mm

H. Ground Clearance: 135 mm

I. Dump Height with Std Bkt: 1240 mm

J. Reach Fully Raised Std Bkt: 600 mm

K. Dump Height with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1750 mm

L. Reach Fully Raised 4 in 1: 600 mm

M. Height to Hinge Pin: 1680 mm

N. Machine width with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1050 mm

Tyre Size:18 x 8.5 x 8 (6 Ply) std

Hydraulic Reserve Capacity: 60L

Filtration: 10 Micron

Machine Mass:Kohler = 653kg


The Dingo's compact size makes the Dingo easy to transport to the jobsite by trailer or ute back. The Dingo trailers are set up to securely carry all the usual attachments.


The Dingo is a hydraulic power plant designed to power a wide range of attachments to tackle a multitude of labour saving jobs.


The four main features of the Dingo are:

1.Power - Two separate pumps deliver up to 47 litres/minute of hydraulic power up to an incredible 3400psi.

2.Versatility - With over 60 attachments available, Dingos are revolutionizing work sites in a wide range of industries

3.Maneuverability - Measuring as little as 760mm wide, the Dingo gets power to places where only hand labour could go before.

4.Compact - Take the entire system to the job site on one trailer. You won’t need a big truck.


It’s because Dingo does so many things so well that we don’t call it a ‘Mini Loader’, we call it “ THE HYDRAULIC POWERPLANT ON WHEELS”

  • Digging Depth:1000mm.

  • Cut Width:140mm.

  • Offset: cutting edge 500mm from edge of machine.

  • Teeth types: Diggatac.

  • Flow Range:40-47L/Min.

  • Frame width:1010mm.

  • Min side clearance:500mm.

  • Total Dig Depth:1000mm.

  • Overall Length:1620mm.

  • Height:620mm.

  • Approx Weight:200 - 220kg.

    Used For:Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.


Probably our most popular item - apart from the Dingoes themselves!  


It’s a bucket, a blade, a grab and a leveller! Operated with skill this will be one of the best attachments you’ll have for your Dingo. Simply because it can do so much!


As a bucket: It can be operated as a normal loader bucket, but it can load into taller trucks or bins because it can empty by opening up the bottom. It can also empty out a sticky load much better. Materials can be dribbled from the bottom of the bucket, thereby helping to spread them out rather than simply dumping them. And, with practice, you’ll be able to pick up dirt with the grab action especially good for getting that final bit.


As a grab: One of its most useful attributes. The 4 in 1 bucket is great for lifting and carrying a variety of objects. But be careful! The Dingo has a lot of power and the 4 in 1 can squash some objects.


As a blade: The 4 in 1 pushes a load easily, and there’s lots of ways to do this. Experiment and find the method which suits you. We find one of the best methods is to keep the front of the bucket out in front pushing the top off, and the back of the bucket acting as a normal blade - finishing the job.


As a leveller: With the jaws open and with the open edges near to the ground the 4 in 1 can be dragged forward and backward for level-ling. The bucket bottom helps to break up the lumps and the back edge smooths them out. This isn’t as good or as easy as the dedicated leveller, but it’s certainly an added bonus to a very useful attachment.


Using the dedicated leveller attachment can also be made easier with the 4 in 1 bucket - All new levellers come with pick up points for grabbing with the 4 in 1, so to use the leveller you just grab it and go!

So what makes a Dingo such a good trenching machine? (Better, in fact, than many larger machines.)


Firstly, the Dingo hydraulic system allows the oil to be used fully without creating excessive heat. This means that the viscosity of the oil is maintained so that the power can be transferred to the digging chain.


Secondly, Dingo recognised that the most efficient trenching machines used more expensive (better quality) chain with more teeth. This number of cutting teeth, combined with the correct chain speed, allows for the best possible cut. Dingo applied this knowledge to give you some of the best trenching machines available. Other manufacturers save money by utilising less teeth and then try to compensate with speed. In doing so they only do injustice to the result required - with the teeth doing more bouncing than cutting.


And thirdly, our trencher uses a special drive sprocket designed (by Dingo) for “sticky” soil types and sand - conditions where other trenchers jam. Our trenchers can jam too, but not as easily. Another important consideration is that it’s a hydraulically driven trencher. With direct or mechanical drive trenchers, breakdown costs are high.

By nature, a trench has obstacles - be they rocks, pipes, or large roots. These obstacles can jam mechanical drive trenchers. But hydraulics are designed for obstructions. Hit something hard and the relief valve acts like a safety net. You back off and go again. No more shear pins, broken gear or down time. And it doesn’t matter how often it happens, we’ve never seen a worn out relief valve.


Capacity - struck: 0.13m3

                 - heaped:0.17m3




Approx Weight:125kg

It can dig holes up to a massive 750mm (30 inches) diameter to a depth of at least 1.5 metres (deeper with extensions).

What enables this small machine to handle such large augers? Once again it’s the hydraulics. The Dingo has high hydraulic pressures. Higher, in fact, than many larger machines.

This pressure converts directly to power to give more drive torque to the augers. The power is delivered to the augers by the post hole digger drive head. This unit not only drives the augers for hole digging, but also drives the cement mixer bowl and the Wombat spot cultivator.


When it comes to the augers, we use a brand that is recognised as the best. It’s the cutters that are important in digging. These cutters, and how they are positioned, are the result of years of digging experience. The cutting teeth are interchangeable - earth and tungsten teeth for all dirt conditions and rock tips for those really hard conditions that need grinding away at. If it is diggable, or even grind-away-able, then a hole can be dug. Some just take a little longer.


Our “Dingo Augers” are set up in a way to give faster digging at less cost in all dirt conditions. To do this we use a standard earth pilot (worm) with earth spear teeth in all but the outside position. In the outer position, which experiences the most wear, we put tungsten teeth.


Trouble with roots or rocks? The Dingo's ability to be repositioned is a great advantage here, plus the ability to reverse the auger. So for roots simply back off and then feather down again to cut the root. For those holes with loose rocks (always the hardest), a Dingo has great advantages. Reposition the Dingo with a little rocking and slewing. Using this method you can often get the tip under the rocks, to bring them up between the flighting. And, when it’s large rock or shale that is giving the problems, then it’s time to change the teeth to the rock teeth (as mentioned above) to grind through that rock.


With the right teeth the Dingo can even be used to dig through concrete reinforced road base and bitumen! For these extra hard conditions the Post Hole Mate, an accessory that fits over the operators platform, is a must to give you more downwards pressure.


The Dingo Post Hole Digger is fitted with an anti swing system which improves safety by reducing the potential for the auger to swing back & forth when travelling.

The Dingo's ability to dig holes up to 750mm in diameter is outstanding and hard to believe. But in the USA, where Dingoes have been distributed since 1995, the 750mm auger is one of the most popular sizes - used for planting large trees in landscaping projects. The standard augers digging depth is 1.5 metres (this is 400mm more than the auger length because the head can be lowered into the hole), and at this depth the auger will successfully bring all the dirt out from the hole. For more depth auger extensions can be added.



Digging Depth: Augers 300mm and over dia - 1.5m;

                            Augers under 300mm - 1.1m + extensions.

Cut Width: 100 - 750mm in 50mm increments.

Teeth types: Earth, Tungsten, Rock. We recommend our ‘Dingo’ setup.

Flow: 32L/min

Pressure: 206 Bar (3000psi)

Torque: 1800Nm

Speed: 90rpm

DINGO Leveller / Carryall

One of the most used attachments on a Dingo is also one of the simplest.


Leveller1_id58 K9-3-AWD-Leveller1_id57

The Leveller. Sometimes known as a Carryall, it does exactly what each name implies. As a leveller it’s great. Far easier to use than the 4 in 1 bucket or blade. The leveller makes job finishing simple and easy, adding a professional touch to the job.

We are owned and operated by a family of seven. We provide professional services such as TRUCK DRY HIRE, TRAILER HIRE and DINGO HIRE SERVICES.


We provide the highest quality equipment and products and guaranteed our services to be fast, efficient, and hassle free.


With over a combined 35 years government and private sector experience in HR, Supply and Logistic Management, we strive to put the same professionalism into all the services we provide and contract to you.


Our drivers and operators are owner drivers, providing a personal dedicated service to your property unobtainable from the larger companies.


Our Management and Staff have decades of combined experience in business and trade expertise, we guarantee their outstanding services in Hire Services provided to you.


We are happy to assist you with any advice or queries with our contact details listed on the contacts page.

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T: 0438 382 666

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  • BUCKETS –  4IN1 Bucket = 1200mm wide (1040mm for GP Bucket), fast effective way of moving or removing any type of fill or grabbing and lifting landscape supplies like rocks, posts, cement bags, and much more.


  • LEVELLING BAR – for turf prep, drainage or just to level your yards lumps and bumps.


  • POST HOLE DIGGER - Auger holes up to 1m deep. Available auger sizes 200mm, 300mm and 450mm.


  • TRENCHING - for drainage, irrigation and plumbing –  fixed position 500mm from edge,140mm wide, up to 900mm deep.


  • JIB – to lift heavier items into place like garden features, timber, stone, anything really.


  • CARRYALL & FORK TINGES - to carry and move timber packs, pelleted or bundled turf onto worksite.

Excavator/Backhoe Hire with Operator

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A minimum of 980mm access is required for just the machine without attachments to enter any job sites. Fence Gates or Panels can easily be removed to gain access if required and replaced after job is completed.

Please see ATTACHMENT widths below if you are having material moving multiple times throught norrow points on the job site like soil, sand, gravel or mulch.