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PICKUP, RETURN and STORAGE of all Equipment and Vehicles is at 38 Queen St, Harrisville QLD 4307, 20min from Yamanto (Ipswich) off Cunningham Hwy.

Payments: by CASH or with Credit Card via "PayPal Here" mobile eftpos app. (3.3% CC Surcharge on "PayPal Here").



Payments with Cash,

PayPal or Credit/ Debit Card.

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We are owned and operated by a family of seven. We provide professional services such as TRUCK DRY HIRE, MOTORHOME HIRE, TRAILER HIRE, COLDROOM HIRE, SPIT ROAST HIRE, PA / KARAOKE MUSIC SYSTEMS and DINGO HIRE SERVICES.


We provide the highest quality equipment and guaranteed our services to be fast, efficient, and hassle free.


With over a combined 35 years government and private sector experience in HR, Supply and Logistic Management, we strive to put the same professionalism into all the services we provide and contract to you.


Our Management and Staff have decades of combined experience in business and trade expertise, and we guarantee their outstanding services in the Hire Services we provide to you.


We are happy to assist you with any advice or queries with our contact details listed on the contacts page.

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T: 0438 382 666

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Double Click on attachments below for full details on the "RENTAL CONTRACT / AGREEMENT" and additional "Terms and Conditions of Rental" as set out in the Rental Contract and Agreement.

>>> CHEAPaWAY Truck Hire Contract <<<

CHEAPaWAY HIRE Booking Process

1. You first call us for availability of hire equipment for the date/s you require and we inform you if the equipment is available on your required day/s and give you instruction briefly on this booking process.


2. We will then send you an SMS requesting you for a photo of your drivers licence front and rear to be sent to our business mobile number of 0438382666 for 100 points of ID. Once we receive your licence we then check that it is current and you're licenced for the hired equipment and if hiring a truck you are 25+ to hire trucks for insurance reasons. Your information is also required to be transcribed to the hire agreement when you come to collect.


3.  We will then send you a link to our "Holding Fee" Webpage where you will be required to as soon as practical (within a few hours depending on how soon the hire date is away) via the link, to pay the Holding Fee to "COMPLETE THE BOOKING PROCESS" and lock in your hired equipment to you on the date you require it. You then must inform us of your completed the booking payment via sms or phone call. We do not look for it prior to you informing us.


**NB: Until you have paid the holding fee and contacted us via SMS, your booking is only "Pencilled in" as "Tentative”, and can be taken at any time prior if another hirer books and pay their holding fee before you do and informs us via sms that they have done so. Unfortunately we cannot hold equipment just in case you decide to complete the booking process or not and pay the holding fee within a reasonable timeframe depending on the time until the hire date. Hiring the next day will require immediate holding fee payment. Hiring a week away will give you a day or two to pay the holding fee. There is no set timeframe given and ultimately it is up to CHEAPaWAY Staff when is a reasonable time given with reminders to give away your tentative booking. Simply put, "first in, first served".


4. We will then send you a final "CONFIRMATION BOOKING" SMS containing your Booked Pickup or Delivery APPOINTMENT Time and Date, your Return APPOINTMENT Date and Time. Also our pickup address and instructions on where to park and what to do when you arrive on the hire day. You will receive notification directing you to the "TERMS AND CONDITION" below for you to read the relevant T&Cs of your hired equipment and acknowledge back to us via SMS that you "AGREE & ACKNOWLEDGE" the T&C"s of hire and pickup requirements.


*** We ONLY USE phone calls and SMS as a means of Business Communication for security reasons, anyone could be on the other end of an email address or FaceBook profile posing as you, so we must verify your identity prior to the booking being completed and you arriving at our address for the safety of our staff.


CHEAPaWAY HIRE Pickup Process

1. On the day of pickup you will park where you were directed to in your "Confirmation Booking" SMS and we will come out to you, please do not enter the property unless you are invited or you are waiting to hire one of our trucks.


2. Our staff will ask you for you Drivers Licence and Credit or Debit Card to complete the Hire contract. DRIVERS LICENCE and CREDIT (or DEBIT) CARD are mandatory for hire contract and both physical cards and the owners of both cards must be present to sign at commencement of hiring our equipment. Clear proof of identity and current QLD residential address must be established before the hire can take place. This is for the safety and security of our staff when you attend our address to hire the equipment and it is also required for the 100 points of ID with a credit or debit card for the "Rental Hire Agreement". For Interstate Travel with our equipment you must supply a Credit Cards NOT Debit Cards for the Hire Agreement.


3. Our staff will then go through the condition report of the Hired Equipment noting and damages or missing accessories as applicable to the equipment type. Different standards of condition are acceptable between trucks to trailers to excavation equipment and party hire electrical equipment. The staff memeber will explain this as part of the condition report and discuss your resposibilities and what is fair wear and tear and what you will be liable for in any incident. This will include the return process and cleaning requipements as per above sections on individual hired equipment such as coldrooms and spit rotisseries.


4. You will then sign for the accessories of the equipment and any extras, the condition report, the contract itself and an acknowledgement to our Terms and Conditions of Hire.  The Hirer will be given a copy of the signed contract at the time of pickup or delivery of the Hired Equipment.


5. You will then pay "Hire Fees" plus the "Hire Bond" all in cash, (bond can be put on credit card).    


*** Our staff will be carrying video recording devices on their person to record the complete hire process and the condition report of the hired equipment for a visual and audible record when the hirer is signing a Legal Hire Agreement. It is also for the safety of our staff. There will also be other security surveillance cameras around the property recording at all times. Please see our "Privacy Policy" at the bottom of this page.


***If you fail to pickup on your appointment date and time we will send you a reminder SMS and will then call you, if you then fail to pickup the hired equipment or respond within 1hr of pickup time and date without notification, your booking will be cancelled without further notice and you will forfeit your booking holding fee. During the day we do dry hire deliveries and pickups and we are not available to sit at the yard waiting for you to turn up unannounced, this is why all hires are done strictly by appointment.


credit-card-logos-transparent-1 cash Australian-Cash

Motorhome Dry Hire / Rental Terms & Conditions:

If you would like a quote or to book any of our services please call or message us first so that we can check availability of the date and what you require to give you the best price and options for your move to meet your budget and make your move as STRESS free as possible. You can book your truck straight away if your required date is available. ***PLEASE SEE THE FULL BOOKING PROCESS EXPLAINED IN DETAIL IN THE BOOKING PROCESS SECTION OF THIS PAGE!


* MOTORHOME HIRE AGREEMENT - on the day of "Hire" you will pay "Hire Fees" plus the "Hire Bond". Then the "HIRE Agreement" is signed by you and you will be given a copy of the signed contract at the time of pickup or delivery of the Hired Equipment. The Hire Agreement paperwork is done by us here at our yard on the day of hire, you can read it or download the agreement to read prior to signing on the day of pickup. All forms are filled out by our staff on the day of hire.


* ID & Credit Card - Drivers Licence (DL) and Credit Card (CC) are mandatory for the Motorhome Rental Agreement and both physical cards and the owners of the DL and CC as authorised signatory must be present to sign the Motorhome Rental Agreement at commencement of Rental. Clear proof of identity and current QLD residential address must be established before the hire can take place. 100 points of ID is required for the equipment "Hire Agreement". A credit or debit card will be required to be added to the Motorhome Rental Agreement at time of signing and the owner or authorised signatory of the credit or debit card must sign debt authority for any subsequent fees, or insurance excess amount above the bond amount held upto the $5000 amount if the Motorhome is damaged in a motor vehicle accident or stolen durring the hire period. This amount is listed in the rental agreement. ALL designated drivers must be 25+ years old and under 75 years old and have had more than 12mths driving experience in Australia on an Australian OPEN Drivers Licence.


*  INSURANCE, DAMAGES, LOSSES AND INJURIES - as the hirer, you are fully responsible for all damages to rental vehicles, property, services and any injuries that occur during the hire period. MOTORHOME PHYSICAL HEIGHT = 3.4m. Insurance Excess applies on motor vehicle accidents or theft of truck being is $5000. EXCLUSIONS TO INSURANCE - The Hirer must pay for all Overhead Damage*; Reversing Damage; Underbody Damage, including stone damage from unsealed roads and going offroad; pay for any Damage caused by the immersion of the Vehicle in water; all Damage arising from a Major Breach of the Rental Contract; and pay for all damages from insect, animal, bird or object including Vandalism, Terrorism or act of god. *Overhead damage is defined as a paraell line from the ground drawn through the entire motorhome cab chassic and motorhome van pod at the height of the top of the windsceen. Anything damages above this line is classed as overhead damages to which the hirer is fully responsible for damages without insurance coverage. See Hire Agrement at link below at the bottom of this section for full detail of Inclusions and Exclusions.


* FEES / CHARGES - for current Pricing, please see our "Motorhome Hire" page from the menu bar. Fees and charge can change without notice. A credit card (or debit cards) will be required to be added to contract details at time of signing to debit and pay for any tolls or fines, all damages and losses of equipment up to insurance excess of equipment and any refuelling of equipment.  Credit Card transactions incur a 3.3% credit card fee on the total amount charged. Holding Fees are refunded only if the Hire takes place on the original date and appointment time of hire or you can move dates with more than 48hrs notice from original pickup date and time to an available date. If you do not turn up on the original booked date and appointment time or the booking is cancelled, the holding Fee is forfeited and will not be refunded and will be used to recoup lost hire fees from clients that were rejected because of your existing booking.


*TOLLS - You the hirer must pay all tolls during the rental period start and end date and time as per your rental agreement. To pay tolls with the new LINKT system you must go to the LinkT website link below and "BUY A PASS", "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" or pre install the "LINKT GO APP" prior to hiring the Truck. All Toll notices that reach us for action and forwarding on by nomination will incure a $20 admin fee for each nomination of your unpaid tolls and $50 per Statutory Declaration required that will be deducted from your nominated CC upto 120 days after hire end date.


* RETURNING OF MOTORHOME - 1) Motorhome must be retuened by due date and time to the pickup location or late fees apply. 2) Motorhome must be returned clean inside as per cleaning insructions below, cab swept out if necessary. 3) Motorhome refuelled within 10km radius from depot (must produce receipt). 4) All inventory refurbished as they were initially hired, being inventory cleaned, folded, stack, and stowed as at time of pickup. 5) Equipment including vehicles must returned clean and undamaged in the same condition as at time of hire. Fees and charges applicable as per Hire Agreement Schedule if 1-4 are not adhered to, see Hire Agreement link below.


* INVENTORY - A fully inverntoy list is in the Motorhome Handbook which has been checked off by the staff member at time of pre hire inspection. Any damaged, soiled behond recovery or missing inventory will be recovered from the hirers bond or elected credit / Debit card upto 28days after hire or before next hire is done, this includes disclosed and undisclosed damages or losses.


* CLEANING - Motorhome must be returned in a RESONABLELY CLEAN CONDITION (what a normal resonable person would expect).

Toilet waste cassett must be emptied and sanitised or $150 cleaning fee applies, greywater tank emptied or $80 cleaning fee applies.

All dishes, cutlery, cooking equipment and utensils must be washed and put into original locations. All Linen minus protectors striped and placed in Shower cubical floor recess.


* PAYMENT for DRY Hired Equipment and / or Services - As the hirer, you agree that payment is to be made in full at the time of commencement of hiring the equipment. Hire Payment including BOND must be paid in full before the Hire Agreement can commence and before you leave the depot when picking up, or CHEAPaWAY Employees leave the delivery address. All costs of damages and losses are to be paid in full or arrangements made with management before you leave the depot or before CHEAPaWAY Employees can leave the collection address. Payments are to be made by CASH or CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ONLY. NO CHEQUES or DIRECT DEBIT is permitted on the day unless by prior arrangements with management.


* PICKUP and RETURN of ALL Motorhome and Hired Equipment is at Harrisville QLD 4307, 15min from Yamanto (Ipswich) off the Cunningham Hwy.


* VEHICLE HIRE with our "DRIVER" - The contracted "Driver" is contracted to you the hirer and is only to "Drive" the hired equipment on your behalf on your instruction / direction as per the hire contract. As the driver is only to drive for you, the Hirer must arrange labour to pack, load and unload the motorhome at both end of the journey during the total time of the hire. The driver is not to labour or work for you.

The driver will setup the motorhome sundries like Tables, Awning, Hoses and Electrical Leads only.

"INCLUDING TRAVEL" - The hirer understand that the driver contracted to drive for you under this contracted and is hired from YARD TO YARD / DEPOT TO DEPOT, (term – "Including Travel" / "Plus Travel") and that the start and finish time of the "TRUCK HIRE with DRIVER" Job is from the time the truck leaves the company yard to the time the truck returns to the company yard at Peak Crossing QLD 4306 for the purpose of “travel time” for payment of fees and charges at time of signing the relevant contract.

PAYMENT - for Hired Equipment and / or Services - I the hirer understand payment is to be made in full at the time of completion of the "Motorhome Hire with Driver" Job when payment is requested by CHEAPaWAY Employees and must be finalized in full before the CHEAPaWAY Employees leave the Job premises or address. Payments is to be made by CASH or CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ONLY. NO CHEQUES or DIRECT DEBIT is permitted on the day unless by prior arrangements with management. "Job Time" is calculated in 15 minute increments forward.

DAMAGES, LOSSES AND INJURIES - YOU as the hirer are fully responsible for all damages to property, services and any injuries that occur during the hire period. YOU as the hirer are responsible for ensuring a safe work site at all times for CHEAPaWAY Employees and maintaining a safe worksite under state regulations at all times whilst you have contracted a DRIVER under this hire contract agreement.

The DRIVER saves you paying excessive bonds and insurances to hire equipment, makes the job more time / cost effective and massively reduces the risk of personal injury, equipment and property damage.




* PICKUP and RETURN of ALL Trucks and Hired Equipment is at Harrisville QLD 4307, 15min from Yamanto (Ipswich) off the Cunningham Hwy.